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 ====== APR : Algorithms, Programs and Resolution ====== ====== APR : Algorithms, Programs and Resolution ======
- ​Scientific leader ​ : [[apr>~soria/|Michèle Soria]]+ ​Scientific leader ​ : [[apr>~mine/|Antoine Miné]]
 The [[lip6>​fr/​recherche/​team.php?​id=750|APR]] The [[lip6>​fr/​recherche/​team.php?​id=750|APR]]
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 the Computer Science Laboratory [[lip6>​en/​index.html|LIP6]]. the Computer Science Laboratory [[lip6>​en/​index.html|LIP6]].
-The main thematics concern languages and algorithms. +The APR team works on thematics dealing with algorithms ​and programming languagesfrom both theo- retical ​and practical aspectscombining the language approach and the algorithmic requirements ​in a wide range of applications,​ such as programing new machine architectures,​ developing ​languages for concurrence ​and mobility, software testing, static analysis
-The team members work on formal approaches ​and software developmentswith many interactions between concepts ​and applications, in order to design ​languages ​and algorithms ​for developing efficient ​and certified applications+More generally, in the APR team, we develop ​formal ​and mathematically founded methological approaches, in the domains of semantics ​and combinatoricsin order to achieve concrete goals such as experimental software prototypes, as well as development of industrial applications
-The APR team organizes around two scientific actions : first develop ​methods of random ganeration for complex combinatorial structures ​and apply them to modelsimulate and test real-world applications;​ second design and implement new langages for emerging ​ programming trends ​in concurrent ​and distributed computingand Web programming.+
 Research thematics are more precisely described in the [[research]] page. Research thematics are more precisely described in the [[research]] page.
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