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 ====== APR : Algorithms, Programs and Resolution ====== ====== APR : Algorithms, Programs and Resolution ======
- Scientific leader  : [[apr>~soria/|Michèle Soria]]+ Scientific leader  : [[apr>~mine/|Antoine Miné]]
 The [[lip6>fr/recherche/team.php?id=750|APR]] The [[lip6>fr/recherche/team.php?id=750|APR]]
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 the Computer Science Laboratory [[lip6>en/index.html|LIP6]]. the Computer Science Laboratory [[lip6>en/index.html|LIP6]].
-The main thematics concern languages and algorithms. +The APR team works on thematics dealing with algorithms and programming languagesfrom both theo- retical and practical aspectscombining the language approach and the algorithmic requirements in a wide range of applications, such as programing new machine architectures, developing languages for concurrence and mobility, software testing, static analysis
-The team members work on formal approaches and software developmentswith many interactions between concepts and applications, in order to design languages and algorithms for developing efficient and certified applications+More generally, in the APR team, we develop formal and mathematically founded methological approaches, in the domains of semantics and combinatoricsin order to achieve concrete goals such as experimental software prototypes, as well as development of industrial applications
-The APR team organizes around two scientific actions : first develop methods of random generation for complex combinatorial structures and apply them to modelsimulate and test real-world applications; second design and implement new langages for emerging  programming trends in concurrent and distributed computingand Web programming.+
 Research thematics are more precisely described in the [[research]] page. Research thematics are more precisely described in the [[research]] page.
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