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Research activity

The scientific activity of APR mainly develops around Algorithms and Languages and several projects exist, with many collaborations

Random Generation Action

In the field of random generation of structures, Boltzmann model, which comes from analytic combinatorics, shows to be particularly efficient for generating objects obeying complex constraints. The goal of the action “Random Generation” is to develop Boltzmann methods for the automatic generation of tests for intensive and large scale applications, particularly in the context of testing and checking software.

Web, Languages and Coherence Action

The goal of this action is to design and implement multitarget langages for the Web, compiled for client-server and database, with an objective of coherence. We both develop formal semantics for concurrent and distributed computing, and implement languages using these extensions to design Web applications.

Seminars and working groups

Projects in collaboration

  • ANR project CERCLES (2011-2014)
  • ANR project MAGNUM (2010-14)
  • ANR project PWD (2010-14)
  • System@tic project OpenGPU (2010-12)
  • ANR project GAMMA (2007-10)
  • System@tic project COUVERTURE (2008-10)
  • PEPS project STOCHASFLIP (2008-10)
  • Digiteo project PWT (2007-10)

LIP6 Projects

  • Z3 (2010-12): Implantation of the ZAM functional machine in the VMkit virtual machine (with REGAL)
  • AFMI (2008-10) : Formal Approaches for the metrology of the Internet (with Complex Network)
  • PAME (2008-10): Programming Emerging Multicore Architectures (with PEQUAN and ALSOC)
  • SYNUS (2007-09): Symbolic-Numeric Algorithms for Solving Polynomial Systems (with PEQUAN and SALSA)

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