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coca-ml is a small extension to ocaml 3-06 including camlp4 to allow "down cast" of objects between classes in relations of inheritence and sub-typing (subinheritence).

Warning the current version is 0.2a06 is just an upgrade for new camlp4 features.

The main idea is to check the "subinheritance" relation during class declarations.


See the following article (in french) for a more complete description.

This extension introduces seven new syntatic constructions :


There are more complete examples in the distribution.



distribution : cocaml-0.2a06.tar using O'Caml 3.06

or cocaml-0.2a04.tar using O'Caml 3.04

or cocaml-0.2a.tar using O'Caml 3.02 and camlp4 3.02

Updating : 10/16/2005