jeudi 15 juin 2000 à 15h30

XML, Objects, and Communication over the Internet

Matthew Fuchs (CommerceOne)

In just 3 years, XML has moved from a guerrilla movement by a bunch of
SGML geeks hiding out in the swamps of a W3C mailing list to mainstage
in future developments of the Internet.  In particular, it has been
proposed as the language to replace EDI for b2b electronic commerce
transactions, a role which would previously have appeared destined to
CORBA or DCOM (and even there, XML may become the format for encoding
remote invocations).  It's just another step to being the language for
all agent-to-agent communication in the network for the 21st century.

What is it about XML that makes these claims appear to be more than
just another landgrab?  Can XML manage these amazing feats?  If not,
what must it do to fulfil its ambition?  And how do OO technologies
relate to this quest?

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