Who am I?

photo My name is Matthieu Dien. Im am a Phd student, since the 1st October 2014, in the APR team of LIP6 laboratory. My supervisors are Antoine Genitrini and Frédéric Peschanski.


My research subject is the combinatorial study of concurrent processes.
The purpose is to statically verify logical formulas along runs of concurrent processes in order to give a safety guarantee. Currently, exhaustive methods exist. They try to compress the state space (set of every possible runs) with more or less successful practical results.
Our approach is to generate randomly and uniformly "representative" runs of such processes. For this purpose we use technics from analytic combinatorics, as well as Monte-Carlo like methods (MCMC, CFTP).

keywords : analytic combinatorics, random generation, coupling from the past, monte carlo model checking.