Thomson MO5E Emulation in MESS

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Thomson MO5E (French, 1984?)

Driver name: mo5e

Export version of the Thomson MO5 computer.


Please see the mo5 driver for most usage information.


We emulate the QWERTY version of the MO5E:

  STOP  1!  2"  3#  4$  5%  6&  7'  8(  9)  0£ -=  +;  ACC      UP  DOWN

  CTRL    Q   W   E   R   T   Y   U   I   O   P  /?  *:        LEFT RIGHT

  RAZ       A   S   D   F   G   H   J   K   L  @^   ENTER         TOP

  SHIFT       Z   X   C   V   B   N   M   ,<  .>    BASIC      INS DEL


The ACC combinations to get accented letters are a bit different.

History and Trivia

The MO5E features a much nicer case and keyboard than the original one for the French market. Also, two game ports and 6-bit sound are included (they are optional extensions on the MO5, TO7, and TO7/70). It exists in both AZERTY and QWERTY versions. Apart form the slightly different BIOS and BASIC ROM, it is internally identical to the MO5, and fully compatible.

It seems that the MO5E was mainly exported to Germany.

This MESS driver was written by Antoine Miné.

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