Thomson MO5NR Emulation in MESS

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Thomson MO5NR (French, 1986?)

Driver name: mo5nr

Network-enhanced MO6.



We only show the difference with the MO6:


Please read the mo6 driver documentation.

History and Trivia

Although the MO5NR is MO5-compatible, it is heavily based on MO6 design. It uses the same gate-array from the TO8, features the same video capabilities and memory. Also, it incorporates the network extension (alas not emulated) that can be disabled, or masked by an external floppy controller.


The keyboard actually has a MO5 layout (without CAPS-LOCK, LED, or function keys), not a MO6 one.

  STOP  1!  2"  3#  4$  5%  6&  7'  8(  9)  0  -=  +;  ACC       INS 

  CTRL    A   Z   E   R   T   Y   U   I   O   P  /?              DEL

  RAZ       Q   S   D   F   G   H   J   K   L    M    ENTER      UP

  SHIFT       W   X   C   V   B   N   ,<  .>  @^  *:  BASIC   LEFT RIGHT  

                   SPACE                                        DOWN

This MESS driver was written by Antoine Miné.

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