Olivetti Prodest PC 128 Emulation in MESS

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Olivetti Prodest PC 128 (Franco-Italian, 1986?)

Driver name: pro128

Italian version of the MO6.



We only show the difference with the MO6:


Please read the mo6 driver documentation.


The keyboard is a QWERTY version of the MO6 one.

  F1/F6   F2/F7   F3/F8   F4/F9   F5/F10

  [{   1!  2"  3S 4$   5%  6&  7/  8(  9)  0=  รง?  '£  ]}  ACC       UP

 STOP    Q   W   E   R   T   Y   U   I   O   P  ?@  +*    ENTER  LEFT  RIGHT

 CTRL ><  A   S   D   F   G   H   J   K   L   N   !"  #^            DOWN

CAPS SHIFT Z   X   C   V   B   N   M   ,;  .:  (_  BASIC   HOME   INS  DEL


History and Trivia

This Italian flavor of the MO6 was built by Thomson and sold by Olivetti.

This MESS driver was written by Antoine Miné.

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