Steven Varoumas - Study Engineer at Sorbonne University

ma tete I am a PhD in computer science working since 1st september 2019 as a study engineer in the APR team of the LIP6 laboratory at Sorbonne University.

My works are about microcontrollers programming, for which I'm interested in offering programming paradigms that are adapted to the scarce resources of such devices while offering an expressive model of programming, simpler and safer than the traditional C/assembly languages often used for programming embeded systems. My curiosity and my works lead me to the theoretical aspects of programming languages, as well as compiling and logic.

During my PhD, I was working under the supervising of Tristan Crolard (in the Sys team of the Cédric at the Cnam), as well as Philippe Trébuchet and Emmanuel Chailloux at Sorbonne University.


LIP6 (Jussieu) :
4 place Jussieu,
75005 Paris
Tour 25-26 - bureau 320
Cedric (Cnam) :
2 rue Conté,
75003 Paris
Bureau 35.1.4

e-mail :