The Octagon Abstract Domain Library


The Octagon Abstract Domain Library is a free library for manipulating special kinds of polyhedra called octagons that correspond to sets of constraints of the form ±x ±yc (so, in dimension two, these polyhedra have at most eight faces). This library is targeted at static analysis by abstract interpretation (look for a short introduction on abstract interpretation on my PhD. advisor page).

The theoretical work behind this library was done during my DEA and PhD. Thesis The main publication is an article entitled The Octagon Abstract Domain.

This library is a work in progress. It is used internally by the author, and is publicly available in the hope it can be useful to someone else, but without of any warranty. Moreover, this library is intended for academic use only. Commercial use of the library is not possible without the explicit authorization of the author.

Important Note

The octagon domain is now included within the APRON library, version 0.9.2 and up. It provides a cleaner API and tighter integration with alternate numerical domains (polyhedra, intervals, and more to come).

Please consider switching to APRON!


This library is written in C for Unix-like systems. It features:


Before you download the library, be sure to read the README file.

You must also accept the following license in order to use the library.

Current version is 0.9.10


Please send all bug-reports directly by e-mail to the author.

Antoine Miné